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Video Review: Laurel Has No Subtlety

Friends, I recently competed in my first ever solo jazz contest. Heartland Swing Festival, also known as the Collegiate Jitterbug Championships, caters specifically to amateur competitors. This was my first year to attend this event after hearing about it for four years, and I came in swinging hard. My arms. And legs. Read More

I Did the Charleston and Was Applauded Like a Ballerina

It must have been October last year when my father, a professional pianist and ragtime expert, asked me it I’d be interested in dancing during a concert. The Tulsa Children’s Museum wanted him to be a part of their Family Concert Series: Ragtime Family Concert with Donald Ryan on January Read More

I’m A Red Hot Mama

“You were on the news!” two people informed me before I left for work this morning. Since I’m pretty sure I didn’t get arrested, I went a-searching for this fabled footage. Good old New On 6 was down at Mayfest last night, and while I knew that they were there, Read More