Pie for Breakfast

One of my coworkers has an annual Thanksgiving pie contest with her family. It seems incredibly competitive: There are presentations involved, points for the serving dish and pie cover, and this coworker tests pies on us a full week before the event. This is the best side effect of a…

Tazer Tuesdays


Christmas Card: Which Font?

The process of designing a card is always difficult for someone like myself. Someone like myself only works with royalty-free images and in iWork Pages. Coming at card design without any background in art or graphic design is always a little daunting; when I purchase cards I do so because…


Tazer Tuesdays

This right here will be one of the last long-winded Tazer Tuesdays. “Whaaaat!?” you cry in protest. Never fear, intrepid blog readers. This is not the end of Tazer Tuesdays as an institution. It simply means that I finally got a current phone that can handle the Instagram app. Heretofore…


Tazer Tuesdays

Today I bring to you 1 minute and 30 seconds of Tazer tearing up an empty puppy food bag. Your browser does not support the video tag She has been attacking this thing for a full 20 minutes, though she just ran downstairs to rehydrate for another round. I wish…