Website Troubles

I have been trying to import my Blogger blogs (I Japan Go and The Angers Effect) to this site, and it is not working. Right now I’m messing with things like subdomains and editing plugins and php. It’s ridiculous.

La France, vous me manquez!

Last night I was talking with Paul, an ALT whose time in Japan has coming to an end, about his plans for the future. He intends to spend a month in Italy,teaching at an English summer camp before returning to South Africa to get a “real” job. It sounded wonderful….

LaurelJ In the Real World

I think I would thrive in a hunter-gatherer society on account that there are immediate consequences for one’s actions. “What, LaurelJ, you chose to nap instead of collecting acorns and bark today? Looks like you won’t be eating. Have fun being hungry until tomorrow, because if you go a-foraging in…

Happy Anniversary to ME

I received my fourth and final contract from Kameoka’s Board of Education today. I hadn’t even thought about how significant a date four years is until I was standing in front of the division head, listening as he read the contract aloud. Four years. That’s enough time to bear and…

American, and I Sound Like It

While at a goodbye party for an ALT friend I was informed that recently, likely in an attempt to draw readers to the site, a BBC-affiliated site had published an article called “Why Do Some Americanisms Irritate People?” It’s an editorial, i.e. not to be taken as Gospel truth, but the kicker is…