It Takes Time

The evening after my last post I went to my parents’ house. My sister and I are in the same accountability group (whole new level of honesty when family’s there) and she was hosting. She moved out, did I tell you? I’m grateful that I’m not sleeping on top of…

Girls Day Out booth 3

Girl’s Day Out Expo Vendor’s Perspective

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that our first venture outside of Tulsa was a flop. Michelle and I headed to Wichita with high hopes and a brand new display. Our merchandise was ready. We were ready. The booth looked great. So what happened? Pictured: high hopes. Another unsatisfied vendor…


To quote a feather duster in Beauty and the Beast, isn’t zees exciting? Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk has a brand new, bouncing baby online boutique! (We’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the big reveal today that I almost forgot to put a celebratory blog post up here!) Michelle…


Website Coming Up

You guys, we are popping off here at Petunkalunka. Michelle and I have been working on plans for a new website for over half a year, and the time has come for it to be launched! On March 10 the Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk shop will go live, and doves…

3rd Oklahoma Native: Armadillo

  Thanks to everyone who voted: Armadillo won by a landslide, so look for him to join the Fox and Bison in the release on January 26th!