Kamakura Collection

While in Kamakura, Japan, Margaret found some gorgeous handmade foil glass beads at a shop. Despite how much she liked them (and how little of a pink kind of girl she is) she couldn’t find any jewelry made with the beads she really liked. I remember suggested some simple earrings, and her response was, “Or I’ll just buy this bracelet and have you make me a something.” After a few consultations on chain and bead combinations I made her four necklaces and a pair of earrings.

5 Bead Necklace


Foil Glass Beads and Brazilian Onyx

Infinity Necklace


foil glass beads, brazilian onyx, glass beads, sterling silver beads, hematite beads


Chain Necklace


Glass foil bead, brazilian onyx, Hill Tribes silver bead cap


Simple Necklace


Foil glass bead, sterling silver beads



Foil glass beads, stainless steel leaf connector, sterling silver beads

As a fan of asymmetry I added the leaf-shaped metal detail to only one earring. Margaret was also a fan.