Chain Fringe Beaded Necklaces for Kim-Chi

To sum up this design process, Kim-Chi wanted a chain fringe necklace like those that are currently popular, but with a splash of color to brighten her beatnik/French poet wardrobe. Preferred color palette: gunmetal and red. After a Gchat conversation Kim-Chi picked her favorite styles, I researched materials, and put together a design page for her.

Kim-Chi did decide that gunmetal and red might look a little gaudy, so I asked her to let me make try to make it work as a birthday present. Turns out that Kim-Chi was right—gunmetal and that clear red glass did look a little too Forever 21—so I made her design in black and creamy white with gold chain instead. I took photos in lovely natural light and got ready to send them off.

However, the morning before I prepared to ship her the necklaces I noticed one of my favorite pins, a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tree of Life Windows, sitting on my dresser. Good old F.L.W. used gunmetal, ruby red, and blue together and made it look stylish and sophisticated. So, too, why therefore could not I? On a [few] break[s] at work I whipped up another necklace using that color combination and took pictures in the crappy office lighting. Then I submitted this page sans all the writing for Kim-Chi’s approval.

Loving Frank Lloyd Wright as much as any good American, Kim-Chi made her choice and I listed the two necklaces on Etsy. Then this conversation happened via Twitter.

Chain Fringe Twitter Convo


:}, for those out of the know, is the emoticon we created for “lizard face.”