Custom Jewelry

“I want you to make me something.” The pieces that I make on command don’t always end up on Etsy, so this is my portfolio.

onyx and dichronic glass necklace

I want a custom piece from Petunkalunka, but I don’t know how to describe it!

Here are some easy questions that to ask yourself.

  1. What kind of jewelry attracts my attention? What makes me roll my eyes or shake my head? What details do I like the best about my favorite jewelry?
  2. What sort of visual impact do I want it to make? Do I want it streamlined or chunky? Colorful or monotone? Asymmetric or symmetric? Do I like a lot of little beads or large, bold elements?
  3. Have I seen anything on the Custom or Collections pages or on the Petunkalunka Etsy site that inspires me? If there’s a piece that I could change just a little bit to make it perfect for my style, what would I do?
  4. Size:
    1. What length necklace do I want? Above the collar? A necklace long enough that I can wrap it twice around my neck (hint: if you’re unsure, do a search for “necklace length guide”)?
    2. Do I like earrings to end close to my ears, stop at my jaw, or hang all the way to my chin or shoulder?
    3. How snugly do I like my bracelets to fit?
  5. Findings & Quality: What kind of metals do I usually wear? Am I willing to pay extra for silver-filled or sterling silver, 14kt gold or gold-filled materials?
  6. Closure: Is there a type of clasp I prefer or dislike?
  7. Color: What are my favorite color combinations? Are there any colors that I can’t stand seeing side-by-side?
  8. Feel: Does texture or weight matter to me? Do I play with my jewelry a lot?
  9. Materials: Do I like stones, glass, acrylic, or natural materials better? Smooth or faceted? Matte or shiny? What kind of shapes do I like? Is uniformity important?

Once you’ve figured out the answers to some of these questions you’re ready to make a custom request! Don’t worry if you can’t answer every question—that’s why I’m here. I can help fill in the gaps and make what you have in your mind’s eye a reality. Plus, I’m totally affordable!

How to Request a Custom Item:

If you would like to place a custom order, please use the form below. Please be as detailed as possible—it will help me give you a more accurate quote on cost and delivery time. All custom work requires a non-refundable 50% deposit, due on confirmation of the design, and full payment prior to shipping. I currently only accept Paypal and credit cards for online transactions.

All custom requests will involve a free consultation and design session through email, video chat, or personal meeting (for Tulsans and visitors to Tulsa only)!