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Video Review: Laurel Has No Subtlety

Friends, I recently competed in my first ever solo jazz contest. Heartland Swing Festival, also known as the Collegiate Jitterbug Championships, caters specifically to amateur competitors. This was my first year to attend this event after hearing about it for four years, and I came in swinging hard. My arms. And legs. Read More

I Did the Charleston and Was Applauded Like a Ballerina

It must have been October last year when my father, a professional pianist and ragtime expert, asked me it I’d be interested in dancing during a concert. The Tulsa Children’s Museum wanted him to be a part of their Family Concert Series: Ragtime Family Concert with Donald Ryan on January Read More

Hitting the Holidays Hard Part 1

Petunkalunka the Online Boutique is finally back online! You can finishing your holiday shopping! Let the heavens rejoice! After months of trying to get my hosting service to cooperate with me, the website is finally back up and running. I can access this here blog. I can update photos and Read More


The Handmade Holiday, Petunkalunka Style

Greetings, all. It truly is a joyous time. Aside from absorbing as much of Andre Braugher’s character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as possible, I’ve been a busy bee preparing Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk for the holidays. This has been a season of changes for the business. For one, I only applied/was accepted to one Read More


To quote a feather duster in Beauty and the Beast, isn’t zees exciting? Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk has a brand new, bouncing baby online boutique! (We’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the big reveal today that I almost forgot to put a celebratory blog post up here!) Michelle Read More