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The Future is Now

I generally resist setting major resolutions for New Years’ due to a poor track record. Follow-through and I are frenemies (one of many reasons why I am not good at sports, though I enjoy casual participation). Now when January 1st rolls around I write down a list that I carefully Read More

The Bathroom Light: A Photo Story

I Joined the Style Cure

Hallo, Internet! ‘Tis I, Laurel, renter of a charming tiny cottage and hosted of out-of-town guests this weekend. Why are these two things important? I’ll tell you: Because I moved in back in August and the place is still full of boxes and junk. The potential of shame is one Read More


The Journal Process

There’s a reason why I introduce Michelle Stokes as my “visual artist.” She did the logo, she does the painted and stitched journals, and she did the owl eye that’s being offered as the newsletter giveaway. It’s not that I’m incapable of producing art, but my skills lie solely in Read More

Tazer Tuesdays