Hitting the Holidays Hard Part 1

December 2, 2015

Petunkalunka the Online Boutique is finally back online! You can finishing your holiday shopping! Let the heavens rejoice!

After months of trying to get my hosting service to cooperate with me, the website is finally back up and running. I can access this here blog. I can update photos and show you what’s coming down the pipes for P&GS. You’re all very excited, I know. In fact, there’s so much going on that I’ve split the news into multiple posts for easy reading. And bigger photos.

Firstly: Indie Emporium and the Alliday Show

Despite taking a year off from art and handmade shows, Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk is gracing the holidays with a physical presence. The two shows both feature local artists and makers, and the organizers make sure they only accept the original. I am honored to be a part of each show, and was humbled by the talent I saw around me at the Mini Indie Emporium. Thanks to anyone who came out and shopped!

If you missed it, here are some yellow photos of my booth. Don’t blame me for the hue—we were in the lovely Philcade Building. The walls and ceiling are all gold.

Do you see a few items that aren’t in the boutique yet? That’s only because…I thought of them the week of the show. The weather was terrible, which meant no photos. The sun is shining today, though…

The Alliday Show is December 11-12 at Retro Den Tulsa. Friday the 11th is one of the most fun shopping experiences I’ve ever experienced. There will be fancy dresses, great food and drinks, swag bags, and the opportunity to snatch the best and most unique handmade items you can find (before the public gets its grubby mitts on them). Check out the other artists by clicking on the links above, and mark your calendars for the most unique shopping experience of the season. I love this show so much that I told the Tulsa World about it. Now you have motivation to read Saturday’s paper. You’re welcome.

Alliday Postcard_Square

Keep an eye on the blog for more P&GS holiday highlights! There are gilded wrap bracelets, drinkware, and coupon codes to come!