The Handmade Holiday, Petunkalunka Style

December 11, 2014

Greetings, all. It truly is a joyous time.

Aside from absorbing as much of Andre Braugher’s character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as possible, I’ve been a busy bee preparing Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk for the holidays. This has been a season of changes for the business. For one, I only applied/was accepted to one holiday show. This will be my 3rd year to participate in the Alliday Show, and rather than occurring in the manure-scented fairgrounds of years past, this year’s event will be at Retro Den on 12th & Harvard. There will only be 12 vendors, so naturally I feel extra special for being included among the likes of Okie Crowe and Favoring Brave. On Friday, December 12 the Alliday Show kicks off with live music, food and drinks from 6-10pm. It’s a dressy party, so I look forward to donning my plum 50s’-inspired dress for the second, and likely final, time this season. If you’d like to get in on the action, tickets are available at the Alliday Show’s website (linked above) or at Retro Den. Saturday, December 13th is an un-ticketed event, and bustles from 9am-6pm.  If I could possibly be more excited (I could be, but then I might ‘splode), the Ashleys of Retro Den are offering their furniture as booth props for vendors! Not only do you get to view the products of my and Michelle’s labor, but you’ll still be able to find the best of Retro Den’s vintage furniture amid all the Oklahoma artists’ booths.

Another big change: Christmas Cards and gift tags. Proving yet again that I am at my most creative when under pressure, I turned out not one, but THREE different Christmas cards within the space of a week. I’m very excited for these babies. The tarsier, nature’s funniest drunk, features heavily in my holiday offerings. As does my terrible handwriting. Guys, I didn’t even have to try to make this barely legible. That’s just how I write.

Drunk Tarsier Card front

All cards are $4.50 and come with the envelope pictured.

Drunk Tarsier Card back

I just want everyone to know that I put effort into that branch-less tree.

There’s also the excited opossum and the smug reindeer to round out the crew. When I was trying to plan advertising these cards, I kept imagining myself yelling at passersby, “Mistletah TAHM!!” in a high-pitched gravelly voice. I know in my head that’s a bad idea. However, the heart wants what it wants.

Opossum Card front

All I whant far Christmaaaaahs is YAH!

Reindeer Card front

This one has a message on the inside.


The gift tags are…not my highest achievement, but they’re close. As a lifelong fan of coloring books I enjoy coloring in the little Santa hats. That’s what I get out of making these sassy gift tags. What you get is the opportunity to put in the foresight of a gift tag to accompany the gift you probably spent ages choosing…and being totally ungracious about it. Who doesn’t find that funny? Scrooges and Grinches, that’s Who[ville]. Though I will remind you that both characters come around in the end. It’s the frickin’ Christmas spirit, y’all.

Grumpy Skunk Gift Tags

5 tags for $4 in the shop

If you’ve been making good use of your time and are following me on Instagram then you know I’ve mostly been posting artwork. “What,” you might ask, “is up with the jewelry?”  Your answer, inquisitive friend, is that it’s hanging in there. I don’t have new styles for the holiday season, although I’m making a bunch of black and gray Knot Earrings and Knot Necklaces for the Alliday Show. Let’s be honest: I love where it is right now. I love the styles available, I love the color palette, and faux suede is still the best material. Seriously, all, I wore hoop earrings to a theme party a few weeks ago, and spent most of the evening wondering how I ever stood those things in high school. After a year of wearing faux suede almost exclusively, everything else is so heavy! Also, I’ve been working a lot of overtime, and pens and a journal is far more portable than spools of faux suede, dyes, and trays of earring components. That’s probably the main reason.

Another change is how I’ve chosen to approach shipping. After having two orders go awry once I turned them over to the post, I’ve decided to ship all domestic orders Priority Mail. This does increase the average cost of shipping, but tracking is included and it reaches your doorstep more quickly. Nothing’s going to go missing between here and Hong Kong ever again. (It was not Hong Kong’s fault, for the record.) Also, since Priority Mail doesn’t ship according to weight, you can purchase a bunch of items at a time without worrying that you’re going to get slammed with a shipping  charge at checkout. I get peace of mind. So we all win. All of us, together. Winning.

A little note on future changes: shipping anything sucks and printers are great when they work. Team Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk is designing stationery items that you can print at home on whatever the heck paper you like, to be released early 2015. In the works are an Oklahoma wildlife-themed monthly calendar, grumpy gift tags, sarcastic Valentines, and artwork. I have a lot of drawing to do.

Reindeer Card inside

Kind buried the lead there, didn’t I.

Today is another 12-hour workday, so I leave you with this holiday warning: If you don’t buy handmade for Christmas, that reindeer will be right.