I Joined the Style Cure

October 30, 2014

Hallo, Internet! ‘Tis I, Laurel, renter of a charming tiny cottage and hosted of out-of-town guests this weekend. Why are these two things important? I’ll tell you: Because I moved in back in August and the place is still full of boxes and junk. The potential of shame is one of my greatest motivators in the housecleaning realm, but one of my deepest desires is to have a home that reflects my personality. I want to move beyond shame to glory! House glory! Or such a thing of that.

ApartmentTherapy.com runs these little challenges every now and again—Labor Day projects, home cures, weekend makeovers—and though I always keep up with the goings on, I rarely attempt participation. This past week I consented to host two out-of-town dancers who are coming Friday night to attend Vintage Swing Movement’s Halloween Dance and the lindy hop intensive that I’m teaching on Saturday morning. That’s right, I’ve gotten so into swing dancing that I’m teaching other people how to do it. The main point is that I need to make room for two more adult-sized people in a space that barely fits me and the dog. I also have to clear enough space for these two people to sleep at night and walk during the day. I know that once upon a time the place looked like this:

Look at that ceiling. Just, look at it.

but now it looks more like the beginning of a hoarder’s nest. I don’t have any photos of this embarrassment right now. The “Before” pics are part of the Day 3 assignment and I only just finished Day 2. The Style Cure is going to help me fix the issue. One of my assignments was a “style outing” during which I find inspiration outside my home. Three of my favorite elements about the living room are 1) that ceiling, 2) the copious amount of light allowed in by the eight windows, 3) how the afternoon light turns the blah beige pinkish. My hand-me-down furniture doesn’t match, there is only one small closet and I have accumulated a ton of crap, and I have so. Much. Pale pink decor that I did not purchase for myself (My favorite color is royal purple, everyone! Like on a peacock feather! No more pale rose!). However my goal is to spruce up my home for less than $10, since that’s my entire decorating budget until I get my car repaired, so I’m going to use what I have. The Style Cure is 22 days long, so there’s no chance I’ll complete everything I want to before my guests come tomorrow night. It’s nice to think, though, that there’s at least something I can do with my orange slipper chair and pink things and sage green couch and Japanese calligraphy that will be easy on the eyes. If you’d like to see some of my inspiration, check out my board here on Pinterest. The pink and green thing is going to work for me in my style. Until the day I can afford my actual style, which is more like this gorgeous loveseat

Ignore everything else.

with a dash of Emily Henderson’s makeover of Bri Emery’s living room.

In the meantime, keep up with my Instagram feed to see how the living room transforms between today and tomorrow night. And I have evening plans both days! I’m never gonna sleeeeeeep!

One comment on “I Joined the Style Cure

  1. Pamela says:

    You can do it and it will be beautiful!!! (if you need to borrow anything, let me know!)