Website Coming Up

March 3, 2014

You guys, we are popping off here at Petunkalunka. Michelle and I have been working on plans for a new website for over half a year, and the time has come for it to be launched! On March 10 the Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk shop will go live, and doves will fly high over the hills of Tulsa, Oklahoma in exultation. It’s gonna be a red-letter day!

The new website will look less like a blog and more like a sweet portal in the the latest and greatest handmade goods from Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk. The blog will still remain at (this post is probably showing up on Set your RSS feeds accordingly, eh? In the meantime, some of the links you find on the site may not work properly. I humbly beg your indulgence. Maybe pop over to our Facebook page if you mainly came to find pictures. There are so many pictures there.

The look of the site isn’t all that will change.
That’s Chelsie Rogers behind the camera, a friend of resident graphic/web designer Michelle who is a fine photographer. Taking and editing photos is one of the worst parts my handmade business. I’m just not good at it. The lighting will be too pink or too blue. There’s a glare on something. I can’t get my camera to focus on what I need to highlight. Naturally, when Chelsie agreed to be the photographer for our spring line, I was overjoyed. That didn’t stop me from taking a coupled snaps of my new designs with Instagram in mind.


New: Knot Necklaces


My favorite is the coral, white and gray.

For this spring we turned to the Pantone Fashion Report for inspiration. Radiant Orchid, Placid Blue, Cayenne, and Violet Tulip all show up in one form or another, accompanied by spring green, raspberry, electric blue, gray, and white. Sticking to one color palette has been a surprising amount of fun. Who would have thought that coral/cayenne and raspberry look so good together? I wouldn’t, but it does. And you shall see the evidence in Chelsie’s pictures on the new website on March 10th. Full circle. BAM.

Also, I designed a special gift for you that is scheduled to show up chez moi on Thursday. So I will show you on Friday. Ooh, game! Your best guess as to what the special gift is: the three people who get closet will earn two of them!


Someone thinks my time could be spent more wisely elsewhere. So. Much. Whining.