March 10, 2014

To quote a feather duster in Beauty and the Beast, isn’t zees exciting? Petunkalunka & Grumpy Skunk has a brand new, bouncing baby online boutique! (We’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the big reveal today that I almost forgot to put a celebratory blog post up here!) Michelle has been working overtime to get everything put together, and I could not be more grateful. A big thank you to her and her web consultant John for making the new website so good and good looking. Plus, Chelsie’s pictures of all the cards and jewelry look amazing. Have you stopped in yet?

A little bit of the jewelry section. Look at those tasty Little Fats.

A bit of the jewelry section. Peep those tasty Little Fats.

You know what’s even better? Today through March 22nd, all purchases will come with one of 4 frame-worthy postcards featuring a drawing of our favorite disapproving skunk. On a paper so thick that the makers named it Luxe, these prints are made to encourage embellishment on the front and sarcasm on the back. With two whole weeks of celebration, you have no excuse not to get one for yourself!

Once again, an enormous thanks to to the team behind the scenes, and THANK YOU for stopping by our online boutique!

P.S. We still have a few kinks that we’re working out. Neither Michelle nor I are experts at CSS or HTML or all the other acronyms that web designers use. We’ve been testing all the links and such throughout the week, but you might find that a link goes a little weird here or there. While that’s embarrassing, we’d really appreciate it if you’d drop us a line so we can make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

P.P.S. I don’t remember the last time I used so many sincere exclamation points. I’m super excited, you guys. Super.