New Item Friday!

September 27, 2013
Lime Little Fats 2

Square, which I use to process credit cards offline, recently launched an online marketplace. I could say more about it, but the important part is that they have bestowed on users the ability to embed items from their Square account into web pages. See?
Faux Suede Loop Earrings: Turquoise/Orange on Square Market

Clicking on the photo takes you to a page where you can add the item to a shopping cart, then check out with a credit or debit card. It’s the same system as when you visit my booth at the Guthrie Green (booth 12 on the Brady side this Sunday!), only you don’t see how dorkily excited I get when you make a purchase. The sole downside is that there’s only one photo of the item instead of the customary five. Then again, how many images to you need, really?

Since the above item was part of the I AM Yoga, Art + Music Festival special* it’s only fair that new item Friday have actual new items. So here it is:

Little Fat Earrings in Lime
Lime Little Fat Earrings on Square Market

These little suckers aren’t new to Petunkalunka, but this is the first day that you can purchase them online. Pick your poison: Square or Etsy

Does anyone have experience using Square Marketplace for shopping? How does it compare to Etsy, Storenvy, Shopify, or other platforms? And here’s the big question: when you do shop on Etsy, do you remember the individual store names?

*never you mind that it didn’t sell there