Upcoming Updates

August 26, 2013

Over the next couple of weeks you might notice some changes in the Petunkalunka website. That just means you are an observant human being who visits this site often enough to stay relevant with today’s pop culture. I am very hip and happening. One aspect of my hipness will be an online storefront.

That’s right, everybody.

Online shopping, right here.

Hold on to your britches.

The Petunkalunka.com site will become a haven for my jewelry, amusingly irritable stationery, and sassy little critters. All of the current material will be relocated to petunkalunka.com/blog or the like (still working on the logistics). The big reveal shall be marked by giveaways and rejoicing and maybe a piñata. I want to get a nice piñata, though, so I can’t yet say when this big reveal shall be.

In the meantime, here are iPhone 3-quality photos of the small blank journals I’ve been selling. That is straight up fudepen all over those Muji notebooks. Straight up.

Thus far I’ve only drawn skunk and bison on my notebooks (with the exception of a bear cub harassing a skunk). Future journals will include animals found in Oklahoma, such as the raccoon, the kit and red fox, the rare ringtail, pronghorn, and the prairie dog. My Google Image Searches have never been more adorable.