New Item Friday!

August 9, 2013
hand-painted journal

Which is what happens when all your product photos are on a SIM card you left at the office on Thursday, only to realize when you get home that evening that New Item Thursday cannot be due to this SIM card oversight. Even so, this New Item Friday is even more unique in that it does not feature items in the Petunkalunka or Grumpy Skunk shop, but in the MOCHA Butterfly Boutique. Aaaaaaaw yeeeeeah.

Firstly, I want to point out these Faux Suede Stretch Bracelets. Color story. I can’t explain properly how much I love those little Miyuki teardrop beads, especially with the combination of the Miyuki and lava coins. It’s the kind of design that sells at shows, so I guess the public agrees with me for once. Now you can check them out in person at MOCHA Butterfly. The Miyuki-only are $25, and the lava coins are $28.

You could wear all of these together and be nothing short of awesome.

You could wear all of these together and be nothing short of awesome.

Also, the Bison Bleu and Grumpy Skunk necklace will show up in the Etsy shop as soon as I take photos. Ideally, that would be this weekend, but I have an air plant curtain to finish (!) and a townhouse to clean.

Secondly, and more importantly, this journal is one of five that will be joining the Petunkalunka lineup in the MOCHA Butterfly Boutique this coming week!

Michelle, who you’ve seen in booth pictures and whose work crowns the top of this page, agreed to paint some journals for me as part of the Grumpy Skunk stationery line. When she finished, however, we both realized that her work fit far better with the Petunkalunka aesthetic.  She’s working hard on more notebook covers right now, even incorporating some hand-stitching into the process. This will be a run of the letters of the alphabet only—so far we have V (already in the shop), the T you see above, and whatever letters Michelle brings to our Monday meeting. How exciting, non? Oui. The journals are $8, and can be custom-ordered.