Safari Socialite Necklace

July 19, 2011

Back when I was studying abroad in France I used to walk past a salon every day on my way to school. The window displays were full of these luxurious beaded necklaces, the same kinds as those that some of the North African women wore on market days.  I thought that they were stunning in spite of their simplicity, and while I was there I created one of the only pieces that I kept for myself based on my memory of those necklaces.

My favorite display window item was a long draped necklace, asymmetric in design, with thin bone beads hugging the shoulder and deep navy blue completing the loop. I don’t have bone beads, but cream-colored plastic ones did a good enough job, n’est-ce pas? I chose brown for the rest of the set because they store didn’t have blue rich enough for the effect I wanted. I think I’ll be making more of these in the future. What do you think?

Featured in DanuJewelry’s “Natural” and SewFineFashion’s “Throw Me A Line” Etsy Treasuries!