Project Body and Health Day 1

July 16, 2011

One day in June I looked in the mirror and thought, this is the beginning of letting myself go. I’m not fifteen anymore; I can’t eat like I did then and expect my body to look the same. So I decided to start working out and eating more nutritious meals. 21 days to form a habit, no? Maybe if I publicize my efforts to at least stay ahead of my inevitable decelerating metabolism I’ll be more motivated to stick to a program.


  • Warm up to “Take On Me” by A-Ha and “Get Down” by Busta Rhymes.
  • Break to photograph my midsection and put in a load of laundry
  • Tiffany Rothe’s Hot Body Warm Up. Wonder if I’ve eaten enough because I’m already shaking. Debate Google searching for whether it’s better to eat before or after exercising, tell myself to nut up.
  • Tiffany Rothe’s Dangerous Curves workout
  • Tiffany Rothe’s Butt Like A Brazilian workout. Wonder what the average Brazilian’s butt really looks like, debate Google searching for it, remember what porn is, and move on.
  • Tiffany Rothe’s Slow, Deep Core Workout. Yell at the screen. Yell, yell, whimper.
  • Cool down. Immediately wonder what I’m going to eat for dinner.